Recruitment Returns

Recruitment Returns

Please return your recruitment figures to ensure continued support

CSO support funding to NHS Lothian R&D relies on your recruitment figures!

The R&D support funding that NHS Lothian receives from the Chief Scientist Office is activity based.

Funding is allocated based on the number of research projects undertaken and the number of study participants recruited.

We need your help to ensure that we report accurate activity levels to the CSO.

This maximises our ability to claim the R&D funding that supports key resources for clinical researchers in Lothian e.g. protected research time, imaging facilities, laboratories, pharmacy etc

Recruitment figures are required on a monthy basis.

By providing us with this information, you are helping to maintain Lothian’s clinical research infrastructure.

CSO support funding relies on your recruitment figures. We must return an accurate Lothian figure to ensure continued support for research infrastructure.

Please enter your recruitment figures regularly via the CPMS System.

Please contact R&D if you need assistance accessing the CPMS.

The funding provides key resources for non-commercial research such as:

● Help with research design, statistical advice and proposal development from Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, Health Service Research Unit or the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility
● Pharmacy
● Imaging
● Laboratories
● NHS researcher time and fellowships
● Research management, contract and financial support
● Contribution to clinical departments

To calculate Lothian's allowance, which is currently approximately £10 million, the Chief Scientist's Office use data from the NHS Lothian research database (SREDA) and the UKCRN Portfolio database.