Local Research Facilities

Local Research Facilities

Edinburgh is well equipped with support facilities, each offering different services depending on the nature and requirements of your research. 

Investigational Supplies Group

ISG provides investigational medicinal products and other clinical agents in support of UoE and NHS Lothian clinical and non-clinical trials.

Holding the necessary authorisations from the MHRA, the service aims to meet the needs of the investigator and research community within UoE and NHS Lothian through the provision of in-house, GMP compliant capabilities and facilities for the Manufacture and Packaging of Investigational and Non-Investigational Medicinal Products and providing advice on the sourcing and costing for proposals.

Email David Lyall.

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

The WTCRF provides state-of-the-art facilities for clinical research, including clinical, laboratory and specialised technical support.

Email WTCRF.

Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit

ECTU is a UKCRN registered unit providing generic support for clinical trial design, trial management, database development and management. The unit is partnered with the MRC Statistics Methodology Hub providing statistical support for the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials. 

Email ECTU.


If your study involves administration of a drug, pharmacy should be consulted as early as possible to provide input on the drug supply, pharmacy resource for the study and costs.

Clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs) require particular arrangements for the manufacture, assembly, labelling and supply of the IMP. Early discussion is essential to ensure plans can be put in place.

Email the NHS Lothian Senior Clinical Trials Pharmacist.


Analytical support is abundant in Edinburgh via the WTCRF, NHS Lothian laboratories and University of Edinburgh facilities. Ensure you make contact with your laboratory of choice early to identify resource, logistics and costs. 

Radiology & Imaging

The Clinical Research Imaging Centre offers 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), mock MRI and RBS-donated 320-Multidetector Computed Tomography scanners. A 128-Multidetector Computed Tomography scanner and 7-hotcell radiopharmacy suite and cyclotron will be available early 2011.

The Scottish Brain Imaging Research Centre is also equipped with an MRI scanner for Clinical Neurosciences research use.

Email Duncan Martin.

NHS Facilities

Other support is available via NHS Lothian departments. For information, contact the Head of Research Governance.